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Waukesha Academy of Health Professionals

Aurora Health Care and other Waukesha County health providers helped establish a charter school in Waukesha South High School for students interested in medical professions. The academy started with 49 students in 2004 and has since doubled its enrollment.

Waukesha South is extremely proud to be the home of such a progressive charter school. Educators from afar have visited us to see if they might be able to replicate the program at their schools.

When you try to build something as focused as the academy, you need to reach out beyond the walls of your school. Aurora is among the community partners who willingly connected with us.

Aurora Health Care and its Wilkinson Clinic not only provided equipment, they were instrumental in shaping the curriculum. They gave students the opportunity to shadow health professionals to not only see how health care works but also to get a better sense of which area they'd like to pursue.

Aurora and our other partners are helping us to expose more students to health careers at earlier ages, and giving them some of the skills they need to land jobs as soon as they graduate. The expectation for the program is being driven by a need to produce health care workers who will serve the patients of tomorrow. Aurora is making it possible for us to meet that expectation.

Mark Hansen, Principal
Waukesha South High School