2008 Report the Community

Our New Medical Centers

2009 is a year of anticipation for Aurora as we prepare to bring our passion for quality, patient-centered health care to two new communities – the Town of Summit in western Waukesha County and the Village of Grafton in Ozaukee County.

In both locations, we are building brand new facilities that will change the face of health care.

To the west, Aurora Wilkinson clinics have been successfully serving their communities for years. Now, the new hospital in the Town of Summit will provide those residents the same high level of patient care with a state-of-the-art medical center that offers a full range of services in one convenient location.

Medical Center Summit

Often called the “gateway to Waukesha County,” the new Aurora Medical Center in Summit will offer premiere clinical primary and specialty care from newborns to the latest breakthroughs in cardiac, cancer, orthopedics and women's health, along with the latest equipment for diagnosis and treatment, all digital diagnostics, a comprehensive system for electronic health records and an array of other technology.

The 53-acre hospital campus will also feature extensive landscaping, including an outdoor courtyard healing garden offering a tranquil retreat for patients, family members and staff as well as a paved walking path encircling the campus.

When you combine the clinical advancements with a comforting, patient-first, sanctuary atmosphere designed to promote faster healing and better outcomes, you begin to understand how Aurora is changing health care in western Waukesha County.

To the north, a symbol of a great partnership takes shape in Ozaukee County. The new Aurora Medical Clinic in the Village of Grafton will offer a fully-integrated delivery of care model based on the collaboration with the well-known and respected Aurora Advanced Healthcare.

Medical Center Grafton

The new regional medical center will offer an entirely new approach to patient care and new options for high-quality, cost-effective health care in Ozaukee County and other nearby communities.

A critical aspect of building a strong healthy community is ensuring a healthy environment; therefore, the design and construction of the new medical center in Grafton will incorporate multiple green elements from conserving energy and water to reducing and recycling waste - even the preservation of the site's wetlands.

Inside, the hospital's modern, efficient design and easy-to-navigate floor plan will emphasize comfort and convenience for patients and their families. There will be 89 home-like patient rooms with full private baths, a feature that offers several significant advantages: privacy for patients and their families; they facilitate rest which is important in the healing process; they reduce the rate of hospital-acquired infections; they promote family involvement in the healing process.

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