2008 Report the Community

A Story of integrated care

Last fall Mary Ann Johnson was experiencing flu-like symptoms that continued to worsen. When it became clear to her daughter Betsy that Mary Ann was not improving, and was in fact getting much worse, they decided to see a doctor. She did not have a primary care physician, so the family opted to go to Aurora Urgent Care in New Berlin because it was near Mary Ann's home.

This decision began a journey that would take Mary Ann and her family through Aurora's integrated delivery system over many weeks. Her experience is a perfect example of how coordinated care across sites and specialties can mean better patient care and outcomes.

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From urgent care to ER
Mary Ann presents with severe flu like symptoms in urgent care. It quickly becomes evident that her condition is very serious.

Surgery and an inpatient stay
All of Mary Ann's family becomes involved as she transitions to surgery, ICU and finally a stay in the med-surg unit at Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center.

Home care helps the transition
Aurora at Home ensures that MaryAnn and her family are well prepared for what comes next.

What happened next? As part of her holistic healing regimen, her nurse from Aurora at Home encouraged her to take up her painting in order to express what she had experienced during her illness and recovery. Mary Ann was very impressed with the depth of this advice and the nurse's understanding of how much an illness can change a person. As her health slowly returned, she began to create artwork and many of her paintings now hang in her home. One of her paintings was donated to Aurora at Home as a gift for all they did to help her recover. Mary Ann has now selected an Aurora doctor at a clinic near her home as her primary care physician.

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