2008 Report the Community

We strive to manage resources wisely

As a not-for-profit organization, we are determined to be good stewards of the community dollars that come to us.

In the past year, Aurora has undertaken many projects to conserve money and resources. One example is the AIR (Asset Investment Recovery) in which old equipment is resold, recycled or reused. Last year, Aurora Health Care was recognized with two awards for the program by the Premier health care alliance. In 2008, the AIR program was responsible for about $500,000 in savings, and so far in 2009, the AIR team has documented $236,000 in savings and revenue.

In 2008, Aurora also began an environmental committee, the Environmental Action Team, dedicated to promoting green projects throughout the system. These projects have the potential to not only save money but to save the Earth's natural resources, which can have lasting impact on future generations.

Even something as simple as asking all caregivers to shutdown their computers at night can quickly amount to savings, when you consider that we have 28,000 caregivers. Other simple steps include judicious temperature control, unplugging phone chargers when not in use, and recycling everything from batteries to soda cans at work.

These things may sound small, but they add up, and all of it is money that can be put toward caring for our patients.

For more on our community and environmental programs, please see the Social Responsibility section of our annual report.

managing resources

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