Aurora at a glance

Below is a brief statistical overview of Aurora Health Care.

Care Management impact

Aurora Health Care is a national leader in developing and implementing best practices in clinical improvement and disease management. In 2009, Aurora's efforts documented the following impact:

Lives benefited 984,398
Deaths prevented 1,443

Medical expense savings for patients, employers and other payers

Influenza vaccination for high-risk patients $18.4 million
Cholesterol management for coronary artery disease patients $4.2 million
Antibiotic treatment for pneumonia patients $7.1 million
Other $690,000
Total medical expense savings for the communities: $30.3 million

The people of Aurora Health Care

Total employees 29,642
Registered nurses 6,021
Physicians on staff 3,067
Residents and fellows 146

Charity care

Aurora provides a large amount of charity care for people who are uninsured or are otherwise unable to pay for the care they need. In 2009, Aurora's cost for providing this care totaled $25,066,000. The General Assistance Medical Program ended December 31st, 2008.

Other unreimbursed care

Bad debt $161,894,000

Service statistics

Inpatient discharges 91,969
Inpatient days ? Adult 407,407
Length of stay (days) 4.43
Births/Deliveries 12,322
Surgical procedures 95,269
Ambulatory care visits 3,829,628
Emergency care visits 239,401
Hospital outpatient visits 1,364,561
Home care nursing visits 269,807
Family service visits 68,026
Hospice benefit days 88,037
Home-delivered meals 364,472
Retail pharmacy prescriptions 5,013,517

Community outreach

Every year, Aurora provides without charge, a variety of services in communities throughout eastern Wisconsin.

Community benefits programs

Community health education and outreach $3,362,237
Transportation for indigent patients $364,308
In-kind services and sponsorships $6,555,251
Counseling $1,071,842
Free clinics $5,951,803
Support groups and self help $272,022
Health professional education $13,725,988
Total community benefits programs: $32,363,109

Financial summary

map of wisconsinAurora's total net services revenue grew from $3.1 billion in 2008
to $3.6 billion in 2009. Revenue from inpatient services rose 12.7 percent while revenue from outpatient hospital visits and visits to clinics rose 15.2 percent.

Sources of funds

Inpatient service $1,230,641,123
Outpatient & ambulatory services $2,342,909,900
Other services $453,576,000
Total net services revenue $4,027,127,023
Other sources $180,134,836
Total: $4,257,261,880

Uses of funds

Salaries, fees and fringe benefits $2,145,803,000
Supplies $768,613,000
Net building, equipment and working capital $297,256,125
Maintenance, rental, insurance, utilities and other business expenses $853,217,000
Other payments $142,372,739
Total: $4,257,261,880