Affordable care and cost efficiency

Aurora Health Care is proud to be Milwaukee's most cost-efficient health care provider.

In 2008, HCTrends released its first community-wide comparison of the cost-efficiency of hospital systems serving the Milwaukee metropolitan area. The analysis, conducted by The Benefit Services Group, looked at a variety of public and private resources to approximate the cost of receiving health care from each health system. The analysis measured how expensive and efficient a health system would be if it provided all of the health care in the Milwaukee area. Aurora Health Care continued to be the most efficient system, with an 11% better than the community average.

That efficiency is the result of hard work throughout our entire organization. By focusing on Care Management, our core philosophy of improving patient care through prevention, disease management and acute care, we are able to coordinate care across the health care spectrum.

In 2009, we analyzed 27 specific initiatives involving more than 750 Aurora physicians and documented the following impact.

  • Lives benefited: 984,398
  • Deaths prevented: 1,443
Initiative Medical Expense Savings
Influenza vaccination for high-risk patients $18.4 million
Cholesterol management for coronary artery disease patients $4.2 million
Antibiotic treatment for pneumonia patients $7.1 million
Other $600,000
Total 2009 medical expense savings to the community $30.3 million
10-year total medical expense savings to the community $229.5 million