The patient experience

At Aurora we strive to give each patient care that is simplified, coordinated and personalized.

experienced patient careEven though much of this care is dictated by personal interaction, we know that in order to improve and always offer our patients more, we need to measure our results and change accordingly. We measure our patient satisfaction scores against other hospitals and sites within our own system, and with other health systems nationwide so we can get the widest view of what works.

As an integrated health care system, Aurora can offer patients unique care options. Our network of pharmacies, rehab centers and home care are all available if and when patients need them, and our caregivers know how to access these services for the patients. Electronic medical records make it easier than ever before for patients to travel between health care settings, needing only to worry about themselves rather than paperwork. And care coordinators help our patients set up and navigate appointments when time and diagnoses are critical.

These efforts have not gone unnoticed. Aurora Medical Group, Aurora Advanced Healthcare, and many of our facilities enjoy patient loyalty scores above 90 on a 100-point scale, when patients are asked if they would recommend us to others. And, our satisfaction scores improved in every area we measure (inpatient, medical groups, home care and emergency department) in 2009.

Patients put their trust in us at very vulnerable times of their lives. We take that trust seriously and strive to provide not only outstanding clinical care, but integrated, seamless, personal care that patients would recommend to a friend.