Aurora at a Glance

Below is a brief statistical overview of Aurora Health Care.

Care Management impact
Aurora Health Care is a national leader in developing and implementing best practices in clinical improvement and disease management. In 2010, Aurora's efforts documented the following impact:
Lives benefited 1,034,143
Deaths prevented 1,497
Medical expense savings for patients, employers and other payers
Influenza vaccination for high-risk patients $17.8 Million
Cholesterol management for coronary artery disease patients $4.8 Million
Antibiotic treatment for pneumonia patients $7.1 Million
Other $500 Thousand
Total medical expense savings for the communities: $30.2 Million
The people of Aurora Health Care
Total caregivers 30,177
Registered nurses 6,303
Employed physicians 1,469
Residents and fellows 151
Charity care
Aurora provides a large amount of charity care for people who are uninsured or are otherwise unable to pay for the care they need. In 2010, Aurora's cost for providing this care totaled $41,288,000
Other unreimbursed care
Bad Debt Costs $64,912,000
Service statistics
Ambulatory care visits 3,978,060
Emergency care visits 249,492
Hospital outpatient visits 1,437,045
Home care visits 273,083
Family service visits 61,758
Total outpatient visits 5,999,438
Inpatient discharges - Adult 91,017
Inpatient days - Adult 400,835
Length of stay (days) 4.40
Births/Deliveries 12,255
Surgical cases 115,299
Hospice benefit days 85,729
Home delivered meals 281,180
Retail pharmacy prescriptions 3,612,035
Community outreach
Every year, Aurora provides, without charge, a variety of services in communities throughout eastern Wisconsin.
Community benefits programs
Community health education and outreach $2,244,832
Transportation for indigent patients $437,535
In-kind services and sponsorships $7,910,452
Counseling $495,620
Free clinics $6,283,479
Health screenings and immunizations $1,390,822
Support groups and self help $345,239
Health professional education $13,463,847
Total community benefits programs $32,571,826
Financial summary

Aurora's total net patient service revenue grew from $3.6 billion in 2009 to $3.8 billion in 2010.

Revenue from inpatient services increased 0.3 percent while revenue from outpatient hospital visits and visits to clinics rose 8.9 percent.

Sources of funds
Inpatient service $1,234,662,231
Outpatient & ambulatory services $2,551,591,074
Other services $387,311,000
Total net services revenue $4,173,564,305
Other sources $170,990,000
Total $4,344,554,305
Uses of funds
Salaries, fees and fringe benefits $2,271,854,000
Supplies $794,339,000
Net building, equipment and working capital $154,058,305
Maintenance, rental, insurance, utilities and other business expenses $959,410,000
Other payments $164,893,000
Total $4,344,554,305