When purpose works...

Costs are reduced and care is more affordable

Affordable careAs reimbursement rates reach an all-time low and charity care continues to increase, controlling health care costs is more important than ever. At Aurora, we believe it's a privilege to serve the people of eastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. It's our responsibility to be good stewards of the dollars that come to us and to ensure that health care remains affordable and accessible.

We know that improving quality reduces cost. Our integrated model improves efficiencies and reduces duplication. And our caregivers are working every day on solutions, both big and small. Recent studies show that these solutions are working.

The Greater Milwaukee Business Foundation on Health recently conducted a study that found rates for commercial health plans in southeastern Wisconsin increased considerably less than in other Midwest cities for the period 2003-2010. That's because hospitals have kept price increases well below the national average. And Aurora's rates had the smallest increase of any health system in southeastern Wisconsin and were roughly one-fourth the national average. A study conducted by Benefit Services Group and HCT Trends reviewed hospital data from 2007-2009 and found that Aurora's costs were 2% below the community average cost.

Notes on cost savings from around the system