Asthma School

Treat a child for asthma and you give her hope. Teach a child, her family, her teachers and friends about asthma and you change her life. It seems simple enough - so why hasn't it been done that way all along? We pondered that question, and then introduced the Aurora Asthma School.

Teaching everyone how to recognize the signs of asthma, how to control triggers, how to use medications and much more. And Asthma School isn't just a place at Aurora Health Care facilities. We take it on the road to where we can help most, including schools and day care centers. Good places to start considering that, nationwide, asthma is to blame for children missing more than 14 million days of school each year.

Asthma School is only one of the many asthma education opportunities available at Aurora Health Care. All of our programs provide a consistent, "best practice" approach to help you take control of your asthma. Some of our hospitals and clinics offer group sessions for adults and for children and their parents called "Take Control" or "Asthma School", while others offer more personalized, one-on-one asthma management education. Some also sponsor asthma support groups or run a yearly "Asthma Camp." Many of our educators also teach in the community at schools, churches and community centers. At Aurora Health Care, you can learn about asthma in a setting that is right for you.

Controlling asthma is one of the many Care Management initiatives of Aurora Health Care. It's just one of the ways we're working together to make life better throughout Wisconsin.

Click on the links below for Aurora Asthma School/Education locations, events and classes, information on other asthma resources and much more.

  • For information on best practices, asthma education including Asthma School "Take Control" and personalized education with a trained asthma expert, call 1-866-4HEALTH or search online for events and classes information.
  • Asthma patient information from Aurora Care Management.
  • To get help in researching asthma, Ask the Librarian.
  • If you'd like assistance choosing an Aurora physician, call toll-free 1-800-583-6696 or search online.