Cholesterol management

Isn't there a better way to help high-risk patients fight heart disease? We think so.

With the many advances in medical science, why did 160,000 Americans age 35 to 64 lose their lives to heart disease last year? Many knew they were at risk, but didn't have a plan or a partner to help them manage their health. That's where Aurora Health Care's cholesterol management initiative can make a difference. Once the Care Management team identifies people with coronary artery disease, Aurora doctors use the data to create a tailored treatment plan. With that plan in place they can help prevent major coronary events like heart attacks or bypass surgery.

We think that's a better way to fight heart disease

Working together, the patients and physicians of Aurora are achieving impressive results. Doubling the number of those who get annual cholesterol tests. Helping over 1,200 people reduce their "bad" cholesterol levels to the national goal. Reducing heart attacks and heart surgeries. Saving more lives. And saving nearly 4 million dollars in health care costs last year alone.

Recognizing our groundbreaking work in cholesterol management, the American Medical Group Association chose the Aurora Medical Group as one of five physician groups in the nation to be honored in their Acclaim competition.

This is one of the many Care Management initiatives of Aurora Health Care.

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