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The first of its kind in Wisconsin

Aurora Health Care is proud to offer a new life-saving approach for intensive care units that is the first of its kind in Wisconsin.

Aurora eICU Care combines intensive care specialists and advanced technology with bedside staff to offer an unprecedented level of care. This approach has been shown to save lives and reduce costs.

Major advance for critically ill patients

Aurora eICU Care greatly enhances the care provided by the staff at the bedside, offering greater peace of mind to patients and their loved ones.

The system uses telemedicine technology, including early warning software and advanced video and electronic monitoring, to connect off-site critical care specialists to ICU patients. The system will be linked to more than 200 intensive care beds at Aurora's hospitals throughout eastern Wisconsin, providing a level of monitoring for critically ill patients that goes well beyond what is possible today.

The system has been shown to reduce ICU mortality rates by 25%, decrease complications, shorten the length of hospital stays and reduce costs.

Average mortality rates

Mean hospital length of stay

Average case cost

Backup system enhances patient safety

Aurora eICU Care adds another backup system to enhance the safety of Aurora's sickest patients. The system constantly monitors patients for signs of trouble, allowing for the most rapid and effective response. It doesn't replace the physicians and nurses at the bedside, but it does provide a further layer of protection.

Patients' vital signs and laboratory data will be fed not only to on-site doctors and nurses but also to a specially equipped facility. Staffed around the clock by physician specialists and critical care nurses, the eICU facility serves as a high-tech centralized patient safety net.

The eICU software can detect even small changes in a patient's condition and alert specialists so that they can intervene as soon as a problem is detected.

eICU Care also employs high-quality cameras and audio equipment in each patient room, allowing a remote physician specialist to make visual assessments of a patient's condition and communicate in real time with physicians and nurses on site.

This approach addresses a continuing challenge for today's health care providers: The shortage of physicians who specialize in intensive care medicine. The system will expand the reach of Aurora's intensivists, allowing them to direct the care of patients at smaller, rural hospitals, which typically would not have that level of expertise available.