Clinical Pastoral Education

Aurora St.Luke's Medical Center


The purpose of the Aurora St.Luke Medical Center's Clinical Pastoral Education programs is to develop competency in ministry in the context of providing pastoral care for Aurora St.Luke's Medical Center's patients, families, and staff. The program goals in conjunction with the Clinical Pastoral Education student's individual learning goals constitute four core competencies necessary in ministry:

  1. Spiritual Awareness and Assessment
  2. Self and Interpersonal Awareness
  3. Pastoral Care Theory Integration and Competency
  4. Consultation and Supervision.


  1. Residency - The residency is a full-time one-year program consisting of four residents beginning in early September of each year. There is the opportunity for qualified applicants to apply for a second year. A unique feature of the Aurora St.Luke's Medical Center Clinical Pastoral Education Residency Program is the presentation of various intrapsychic and systems psychological models as residents work on their theory and style of pastoral care. Theological perspectives as well as selected readings in spiritual care research and outcome oriented chaplaincy are discussed. An annual stipend of $25,168 plus hospital fringe benefits are provided.
  2. Intern - The intern program is a full time summer or part-time extended unit. These programs are dependent upon supervisory staffing levels. At present two interns joining the residents are accepted in the summer beginning in early June. There is no stipend.
  3. Supervisor in Training The Supervisor in training Program (SIT) is a two-year program designed to prepare the SIT for certification as a Supervisor with the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education. The SIT will prepare to supervise summer and or extended Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center Clinical Pastoral Education programs under supervision. This position begins in early September. Stipend offered.

Clinical Pastoral Education supervisor

Michelle Oberwise Lacock


$500 per unit.


To obtain information contact:

Spiritual Care Department
Aurora St.Luke's Medical Center
2900 W. Oklahoma Ave
Milwaukee WI 53215
Phone: (414) 649 6567 Fax: (414) 649-7117

Application Forms can be obtained on the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education website.