Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center School of Diagnostic Medical Sonography

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Schedule of classes

Start date

A new class begins annually on the Tuesday following the Labor Day holiday.

Academic schedule

We schedule all didactic classes during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. The first two weeks of the program incorporates classroom and lab activities to prepare the student for clinical rotations. Following orientation, students spend forty hours a week in combined classroom and clinical activity. Class attendance is mandatory.

Clinical rotations

After orientation, students are assigned to various clinical affiliates to begin clinical development. Students spend forty hours a week in combined classroom and clinical activity. As students progress through clinical competencies they perform clinical duties under indirect supervision.

Student schedules

The program director schedules clinical hours, rotations in the clinical areas, class hours and off days. Students receive monthly schedule at least one week prior to that month.

School closings

The School is closed and no classes are scheduled on the following days:

  • Thanksgiving and the following day
  • 2-week winter break
  • 2-week spring break
  • Memorial Day
  • 4-week summer break