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In support of the Foundation's mission "to promote wellness and healthy lifestyles," we have recently been involved in funding a number of initiatives with donor gifts.

Aurora Medical Center in Manitowoc County

  • A pediatric resuscitation system that allows medical staff immediate access to needed equipment in a pediatric crisis situation
  • A modified automobile that provides joint replacement patients with the opportunity to practice every day living skills
  • New technology to treat jaundice in newborns, which allows the parent to hold the child during treatment
  • Infant warmer for small children undergoing procedures such as IV insertions and blood draws
  • Walkways and plantings in the Healing Garden
  • Patient transportation van

Manitowoc County Health Centers

  • Arterial Doppler machine used to check blood flow and detect blockages
  • Stereotactic equipment to improve safety for patients undergoing breast biopsies
  • Covers for exam room lights that provide a colorful scene for children to look at while on the exam table
  • Portable DVD player and DVDs for children to use while undergoing breathing treatments

Marinette County Health Centers

  • Blanket warmer, which will provide increased comfort for dialysis and diagnostic imaging patients

Green Bay area Health Centers

  • Leg extension/leg curl machine with added safety features and more thorough strength training options for patients undergoing knee rehabilitation

Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center

  • Nutrition videos for patient and community education
  • Renovation and expansion of a family lounge in the Women's Health department
  • Renovations to enhance the environment of the Cardiac Care and Intensive Care Unit on the third floor and the Orthopedic and Vascular Units on the fourth floor
  • Defibrillator training package, which provides realistic training for staff so they know how to respond when real life-threatening emergencies occur
  • Pocket phone to enhance patient care by improving staff communication in the Behavioral Health Unit

Aurora Sheboygan Clinic

  • CoagClinic anticoagulation service for cardiac patients
  • State of the art fetal ultrasound equipment to provide more detailed views of unborn babies and bring new technology to Sheboygan County
  • Stereotactic equipment used to perform breast biopsies in an out-patient setting while reducing recovery time and lowering the risk of infection
  • Operative hysteroscope used to perform tubal ligations, polyp and fibroid removals and hysterectomies in an office setting
  • 3D colorectal seed implant ultrasound equipment used to determine how progressed colon and prostate cancer is in a non-invasive way

Aurora Medical Center in Oshkosh

  • Furnishings for an Oncology Salon, a private, healing environment where cancer patients receive prosthesis and wig fittings and skin care consultations
  • Car seats and car beds for new parents who cannot afford them
  • Breast biopsy devise for the Oncology department

Aurora Health Center in Oshkosh

  • Post-mastectomy education and prosthesis fitting for oncology patients
  • Sexual Assault Nurse Educator training for nurses
  • Equipment for the special needs infant patients in labor and delivery

Aurora Health Center in Fond du Lac

  • Training for childbirth educators

Vince Lombardi Cancer Clinics

  • Radiation ablation machine used to destroy liver tumors
  • Olympus Dual Microscope and computers to increase collaboration among medical professionals and patients
  • Transportation for chemotherapy and radiation oncology patients
  • Financial aid to benefit the dependent children of cancer patients
  • DVD player for patients to use during treatment

Aurora at Home

  • Lifeline home monitoring systems, which enable patients to live alone but instantly reach a Lifeline specialist for help when needed
  • Digital baby scales to more accurately weigh infant and pediatric patients
  • Portable wheelchair ramp
  • Baskets of Hope containing items that contribute to comfort and relaxation for Aurora at Home hospice patients and their families
  • Caregiver education on giving spiritual support to those dealing with cancer

AHF reaching out to our communities

  • Equipment to allow Oostburg Ambulance and the Random Lake Fire Department to transmit patient information to the receiving hospital so treatment decisions can be made by physicians more immediately
  • Partnership with the Salvation Army to provide free clinic services to those in need
  • Support of Jake's Run Fund in support of pediatric cancer services
  • Physical fitness equipment for Lake Country Academy

Stories and testimonials

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