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Aurora and the quality of health care

Premier, Inc., a leading national health care alliance, has awarded only 49 "top performer" quality awards to hospitals across the country. Aurora Health Care earned eight of those awards for 2007 - the highest number any single health care system has ever received in a single year. Aurora's unique approach to health care quality has now placed Aurora hospitals among a select group nationally.

We share a vision of finding better ways to care for our patients. It helps us to constantly work together to achieve the highest quality patient care.

Defining quality

You have a right to expect high quality wherever you go for health care. But how do you define it?

At Aurora Health Care, quality is the degree to which we give our patients better results than they can get anywhere else.

That means we need to:

  • Update our knowledge through continuous research on "best practices" - that is, how medical and nursing science prove to be the best possible ways to prevent or treat specific problems
  • Set goals for ourselves, based on medical science and on what health care systems with the best results in the country are doing
  • Keep track of our progress and continually set higher goals

How do we do it?