Clinics/primary care

Clinics solely owned and operated by Aurora Health Care

The operation of these clinics is characterized by:

  • Providing access to primary care to underserved individuals every day in the communities we serve
  • Serving a disproportionately high number of Medicaid, General Assistance and/or uninsured individuals
  • Non-physician staff in these clinics are employees of Aurora Health Care
  • The physicians practicing in these clinics are physicians with the UW-Madison Milwaukee Clinical Campus
  • Specialty services that are provided by independent physicians

Aurora Walkers Point Community Clinic Milwaukee -- Free clinic Does not accept any insurance or payment. Provides primary care exclusively to the uninsured, homeless and those that face barriers such as language and immigration status. This free clinic is provided through Aurora support of $600,000 and other grants.

Sexual Assault Treatment Center of Greater Milwaukee -- Offers safe and caring safe services to survivors of rape, incest, sexual abuse and sexual assault. Services are provided in a caring environment, in which survivors can begin the healing and recovery process

Clinics receiving support from Aurora

Salvation Army Clinic Milwaukee -- Free clinic for the uninsured. Medicaid and GAMP billed as appropriate. Basic medical care is provided. This clinic receives support from the Healthcare for the Homeless grant. Physicians from the community volunteer their services.

Bread of Healing Clinic Milwaukee -- Free clinic that does not accept any insurance or payment. Provides basic medical care to the uninsured. The Aurora Health Care Foundation and other grants support this clinic.

Madre Angela Dental Clinic Milwaukee ---- Free urgent dental needs provided to only uninsured individuals who meet poverty guidelines. The Healthcare for the Homeless network, of which Aurora is a part, partnered with Columbia/St. Marys and St. Francis Hospitals to expand dental care to the uninsured. The roots of this clinic began at Auroras Madison St. Clinic. St. Lukes Medical Center provided $25,000 in financial support and dental resident services.

The Healing Center Milwaukee -- All services to survivors are provided at no cost. Offers sexual abuse and assault survivors and their families opportunities for healing through support, advocacy and community education. Aurora Health Care provides foundation and operational support.

Greater Milwaukee Free Clinic Milwaukee -- This is an all-volunteer facility that provides primary care for underserved individuals. Patients who need specialty services are referred to a volunteer physician within the clinic network. Aurora West Allis Medical Center provides support for lab work and x-rays.

Packard Avenue Community Clinic, Cudahy -- Free short-term basic health care to low-income individuals with no health insurance. All ages are accepted. Lakeshore Medical Clinic sponsors this clinic with support from Aurora St. Lukes Medical Center-South Shore.

James Albrecht Free Clinic Washington County

Twin Counties Free Clinic Marinette -- Provides basic health care free to uninsured residents of Marinette and Menomonee Counties through a partnership of volunteer health care providers.

New clinic Green Bay --Provides access to primary care, mental health and substance abuse services for the uninsured, homeless and Medicaid populations. Most services are free on a first come-first served basis. Read a story about our partnership with this clinic.