The Living Healthy Community Clinic

The Living Healthy Community Clinic provides health care to uninsured residents of Winnebago County. It is a community collaboration among Aurora Health Care, the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh College of Nursing, other health care providers and local agencies in the county. In 2005, the clinic served nearly 650 uninsured individuals and had 3,621 patient visits, providing just over 3,900 prescriptions. Local health systems provide lab services on a rotating basis.

We're unique because we provide all lab services, basic diagnostic testing and medications to help uninsured people receive a more complete level of care. We could not exist without help from Aurora and others in our community. All the major health care systems come to the table to provide support to people who, without the clinic, would have few options available to them. Aurora and our other partners have demonstrated how competing health systems can work together to meet a critical community need in a way that is helping people to better health and helping to positively impact the costs of that care.

The clinic also offers students from the College of Nursing unique experiences that are not available in a classroom setting. It is experience that better prepares them for their clinic and hospital work after graduation.

Leona Whitman, MPA
UW Oshkosh School of Nursing and clinic director