NEW Community Clinic

NEW Community Clinic provides health care for those in need at a number of sites in the Green Bay area. this includes a pediatric clinic in Green Bay's Nicolet School, where Yolo Diaz, MD, an Aurora pediatrician, provides care.

It's been a great collaboration among the Green Bay School District, which provides the space; our clinic, which provides the medical assistant; and Aurora, which provides Dr. Diaz. The clinic is a lifeline for children whose families don't have the resources to pay for health services. Without the clinic, parents may be forced to delay care until the child faces significant health issues that could have been prevented with a simple clinic visit.

I can't say enough about Aurora's value to this community. Their commitment to providing Dr. Diaz, a bilingual physician, ensures a better quality of life for a group of children whose families face tremendous economic challenges.

Bonnie Kuhr
NEW Community Clinic Director
Green Bay