Billing Information for Clinics and Hospitals

Aurora works hard to develop patient‐friendly systems for billing and tracking accounts. Our customer service representatives will do their best to answer any questions or concerns you have regarding your Aurora account.

The information below also may help provide the answers you need.

If you want additional help, please feel free to contact our customer service representatives or view a list of frequently asked billing questions.

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How can I pay my bill online?

You can pay your bills online via your myAurora account. If you do not have an account, register online at

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Submitting bills to insurance

Has my claim or bill been sent to my insurance company?

We will attempt to bill your claim to your insurance company. That may take up to 60 days, so please be patient. If you did not provide insurance information at the time of your service, it has been more than 60 days, and your insurance company still does not have a record of the bill, please email customer service to let us know or call the telephone number on your most recent statement or 800-326-2250.

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I need a copy of my bill or I don't understand my bill.

You can find a copy of your bill via your myAurora account, or by contacting the Patient Contact Center at 800-326-2250. If you have questions, please call the Patient Contact Center.

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Can I set up a payment plan to pay off my balance?

We are happy to set up a payment plan based on your needs. To discuss this option, log into your myAurora account or call us at 800-326-2250.

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I believe my bill has already been paid. What can I do about that?

Please email customer service or call 800-326-2250. We will need a receipt or canceled check. If you do not have these, we will need the date the bill was paid.

If you mailed your payment recently, chances are the check and the bill crossed in the mail. Please accept our apologies and be sure to contact us if you get another statement.

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Medical insurance

When you first register at an Aurora facility (whether in person or by phone) you will be asked to provide information about your health insurance coverage. Please bring your insurance card with you the day of your appointment.

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Pre-authorization, pre-certification, second opinions & UCRs

Insurance coverage for your services can differ based on many things. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Pre-authorizations and pre-certifications: Many insurance companies require an approval, called “pre-authorization” or “pre-certification,” before your doctor can do certain tests or admit you to the hospital.
  • You must obtain your own pre-authorization or pre-certification. Aurora is not responsible for obtaining pre-authorization or pre-certification on your behalf.
  • Second opinions: Your insurance may need a second opinion before it will pay for some surgical procedures.
  • If you are covered by an HMO (health maintenance organization) or PPO (preferred provider organization): Contact your insurance company directly to learn which health care providers’ services are covered. Be sure to ask which Aurora locations or doctors are covered by your plan.
  • UCRs: Many insurance companies limit payments using their own fee schedules or UCRs (“usually, customary and reasonable”). Aurora's fees may differ from the insurance UCRs. You are responsible for the amount not covered by your insurance company’s UCR.

Please contact your employer or insurance company if you have questions about your insurance coverage. You are responsible for knowing your policy requirements and working directly with your insurer. You will be responsible to pay for any services not approved by your insurance company.

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Financial counseling

If you are worried about health care costs or how to afford your care, please talk to one of our financial counselors. Our counselors can:

  • Provide an estimate of costs
  • Review benefit programs (to see if you qualify for financial assistance)
  • Discuss payment options
  • Set up payment plans

If you do not have insurance, our financial counselors can provide information about:

  • Aurora's Helping Hands program
  • BadgerCare
  • Healthy Start
  • Medical Assistance
  • Senior Care
  • Veteran's benefits
  • Other programs that help pay for health care services

The counselors can help you complete and file applications with the proper agency.

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Filing claims

You may file claims for both primary and secondary insurance, as well as Medicare.

For primary and secondary insurance claims:

  • Aurora will file primary and most secondary insurance claims for you.
  • Please complete the Authorization to Release form when you register with Aurora.
  • It is your responsibility to coordinate billing and payment information with your insurance company or companies.

For Medicare:

  • You will receive an explanation of your Medicare benefits directly from Medicare.
  • Aurora will file your Medicare Parts A and B and supplemental insurance claims.
  • Medicare payments will be sent directly to Aurora.
  • Some supplemental claims will be sent from Medicare to your supplemental insurance carrier. Please notify Medicare of any changes in your supplemental insurance carrier.
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You may receive more than one bill from Aurora, if you had more than one type of care. You may also receive bills from both the hospital and from doctors.

Hospital bills: Your hospital bill will list all the services you received during your stay, including room charges and testing your doctor ordered, such as X-rays and lab tests.

Doctor bills: You may have seen a doctor who is in private practice. These doctors have privileges at Aurora hospitals (so they can work at Aurora hospitals), but are not employed by Aurora Health Care. Therefore, they bill using a billing system other than Aurora Health Care. For example, a radiologist may read an X-ray or MRI and bill through Milwaukee Radiology, so you would get a bill from Milwaukee Radiology.

The payments that you and your insurer made during the billing period are listed separately on your bill. The amount you still owe is also listed. There are a few ways you can pay your bill:

  • Cash. You may pay your bill with cash, but you must pay in person at one of our facilities
  • Credit card. Aurora accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express credit cards
  • Check

You can pay with your credit card or check over the phone or via the Web. To pay your bill by phone, please call 800-326-2250. To pay either bill online, visit myAurora.

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