Sample hospital bill
  1. Upper left-hand corner

    The name of the hospital by the Aurora logo tells you this is a hospital bill. If the name Aurora Medical Group appeared in this space, it would be a bill for a clinic visit.

  2. Account number

    This is your account number. You will need this to pay the bill online or inquire about it with Customer Service 800-958-6202.

  3. Name and address

    The name and address of the person responsible for paying the bill. If this isn't current, please notify Customer Service or your clinic.

  4. Service date

    This is the date you visited the hospital or went for tests in a clinic-based hospital department.

  5. Account number

    This account number can be different from the one near the top of the statement because it refers specifically to that visit and/or patient.

  6. Description

    This will show the history of the date your insurance company was billed, and payments and discounts received.

  7. Charges

    These are the total charges for the visit.

  8. Insurance activity

    The balance pending with insurance and any payments or refunds made.

  9. Patient activity

    This column will show any balance you are responsible for. It also shows any payments you have made to the account within the last 30 days.