Hospital and Clinic Billing Frequently Asked Questions

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I don’t have insurance and may have trouble paying my bill. What can I do?

Our financial counselors can help:

  • Estimate costs for services
  • Review benefit programs for which you may qualify (including Helping Hand Program)
  • Discuss payment options

To set up a payment plan, please call 800-326-2250.

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Why am I getting a bill for the services of a doctor I did not see?

Medical claims must be billed by a practicing doctor. If you saw a nurse practitioner or physician assistant, that person’s supervisor (a practicing doctor) would have billed the charges.

Your doctor also may have ordered tests that need review or interpreting by a specialist. (For example, if you had an MRI, your doctor may have had a radiologist review the results.) So while you may not have seen the doctor who reviewed your test results, you are still billed for his or her services.

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Why does my statement say I am responsible for a charge over the “usual, customary and reasonable””? My insurance company says I am not responsible for anything.

You are responsible for any and all charges your insurance company will not cover.

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My lawyer is requesting a copy of my bill and cannot get it. Why not?

Because Aurora Health Care values your privacy, we will not release medical records without written consent. You must fill out a medical release statement allowing us to release information to your lawyer. Please call the Patient Service Center at 800-326-2250 for help.

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Can you bill my former spouse for the balance? We are divorced and the court has ordered my former spouse to pay our child's bill.

Aurora does not bill third parties. Therefore, the parent who brings the child to us for treatment is the parent who will receive the bill. We bill directly to the patient's address at the time of service, provided the patient is properly registered.

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I was involved in an accident and would like Aurora to bill directly to my auto insurance carrier for these services.

Aurora Health Care does not bill to third-party insurance, so we cannot bill your auto insurance carrier. You are responsible to pay the cost of the health care services we have provided. You will need to settle with your automobile insurance carrier separately.

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My hospital bill shows both a room charge and a nursing charge for each day of my hospital stay. Are you double-billing me for these services?

No. Aurora Health Care separates the daily room charge from the cost of nursing care provided. We believe that it is more fair to charge a daily rate based on the amount of nursing care required for each patient rather than one flat rate.

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Why must I get several bills for just one hospital stay? Can't these be consolidated?

Some of the health care team members who provide care, such as surgeons, are in private practice. (Private practice doctors are not employed by Aurora Health Care, but they have permission to work at Aurora's locations.) Because of this, they must bill you separately.

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When is my payment due?

Your payment due date is in the upper right hand box on your statement. Payment in full is due by that date, unless you contact us to set up a payment plan.

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What if I can't pay the full amount of my bill?

Please call 800-326-2250 to discuss payment options, if you are unable to pay your bill in full on the due date.