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Jump Off the Worry Train: Therapy Group for Children Experiencing Anxiety

Jump Off the Worry Train is a 5-week psychoeducational group for kids age 9-12 experiencing anxiety. Goals include developing strategies to cope with anxiety, self-soothing, breathing, and relaxation exercises. Children will learn how to think differently about anxiety and will be able to decrease the impact anxiety has on limiting their lives. Children who are experiencing any form of anxiety are welcome (specific phobias to OCD). The last session will include parents to update them about what their children have learned and to reinforce continuation of the ideas discussed in group. The group is facilitated by Diana Soltis-Friesner, LCSW.

There is a Fall session for girls, and a Spring session for boys. An assessment is required before participating in the group. Call 877-666-7223 for an evaluation appointment. Services may be insurance billable. cbh



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