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Pre-season Basketball Offensive Skills Camp

Aurora BayCare Sports Medicine is holding an offensive basketball skills camp to prepare you for the upcoming season. You will develop your game and become a better shooter, scorer and overall offensive player. You will also develop your one-on-one offensive skills and learn how to beat your defender.

You will receive personalized coaching to help you enhance your offensive game. You will also learn proper techniques on becoming a consistent shooter, effectively reading defenses and how to score from all areas of the court.

Elite Offensive Skills Camp

This camp is for the basketball player looking to take their game to the next level. Whether you have
aspirations of playing college basketball, or have enrolled in a previous Aurora BayCare Sports Medicine
scoring program, this camp will elevate your game.  Learn how to become an elite offensive player,
consistently making more shots and effectively attacking the defense. Entry into the Elite Offensive Skills Camp is up to an athlete's skill level and the discretion of the camp coaches.

Post Player Camp

Become a Better Post Player
In addition to the Offensive Skills Camp, Aurora BayCare Sports Medicine is offering post player sessions. Here you will develop better footwork, proper techniques and how to put yourself in position to score.

The Noah Select Shooting System

The Noah Select Shooting System is a tool to help improve a shooter's consistency. With automatic
feedback, this system allows the shooter to adjust their shot to achieve the optimal arc angle and work
on muscle memory training. The Noah System offers shooters a competitive advantage and a way to become a consistent shooter.

Work on your shooting outside of the skills clinic with the NoahTM shooting sessions. These 30-minute sessions will help you develop muscle memory to maintain a more consistent shot.

Increase Your Speed and Agility with Athletic Republic

Combining the Offensive Skills Camp with Athletic RepublicTM training will give you the maximum
advantage. This proven program will increase your speed, agility, power and strength. The individualized
training program will help you develop into a complete basketball player, giving you an edge on your competition.

For more information or to sign up for additional Noah Shooting Sessions or your Athletic Republic Training Program call 920-288-5400.


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