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* An Online Childbirth Education Program: Labor and Birth (Aurora Memorial Hospital of Burlington)

Aurora has 12 birthing centers. Please register for the online program at the center where you plan to give birth. See  location listings on previous page.

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Pregnancy is a very special time.
Many new parents find that being educated in the process of childbirth can really help calm their worries and answer many questions regarding labor and birth. When you understand the process of labor, it is easier to allow your body to do what it needs to do.

Imagine taking a childbirth class in the comfort of your home...

Nothing can replace the warmth and personal connection you and your partner would feel in an in-person classroom environment. However, many couples find it hard to fit an entire day or a series of classes into their schedules. This online program allows you to learn at your own pace and convenience.

Who should take an Online Childbirth Education Program?

This online class may be the answer if... you find yourselves in one of the following situations:

Time Constraints - Perhaps you and your partner have limited time because of other commitments or activities.

Scheduling Conflicts - Maybe you and your partner work different shifts and the timing of the classes does not allow both of you to attend.

Bed Rest - Your healthcare provider may have placed you on bed rest for medical reasons and therefore you cannot attend classes.

Have Given Birth Before - It is always helpful to have a "refresher course."

This online program offers animated illustrations, videos, voice-overs and interactive activities to guide you through the basics of childbirth, breastfeeding and caring for your baby.

Learn about pregnancy and birth with this 109 page interactive tutorial.

After you have registered for the program you will receive a welcome letter, a unique passcode and a Gift of Motherhood book in the mail within five business days.


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