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About You Girls - 2012 Dates

Register the child or children only. Mother/adult female attends, but does not register.

This program is designed to provide a basis of information for girls on the threshold of puberty. Girls will learn about how they will be changing physically and emotionally. In addition, girls will learn how to care for themselves throughout these changes. This program is intended for 9-12 year old girls accompanied by their mother or another adult female.

Fee: $15 per child or $20 for more than one child (Parent included in the price of child).

Payment confirms your place in the class.  Please send payment at least a week prior to the class.  If the class is full when your payment is received, we will notify you and return your payment:

Aurora West Allis Medical Center
Attn:  Colleen Struck - Women's Health Education, M.O.B. #M312
8901 W. Lincoln Ave.
West Allis, WI 53227

Checks payable to: Aurora West Allis Medical Center

Please make sure to note class name/date on the check and list child/children's name the class is for.

Please note there are two different locations to choose from. The map linked to this event is to Aurora West Allis Medical Center. For the Aurora Women's Pavilion in Franklin, from Ryan road enter the street by Culver's, go to the west side of the building. The entrance will have the address on the building and has 2 pillars by the door.

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