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Breastfeeding Beyond the Basics: Pumping and Storing 2013

Register mother only (coach/partner is included in registration). Please include in your registration: physician name, due date and hospital.

Topics Include:
Steps you can take to successfully combine breast and bottle feeding
When and how to introduce a bottle to baby
How to help maintain your milk supply
Options for breastfeeding when returning to work, school or during a separation from baby (including weaning)
Tips for storing breast milk safely

We recommend taking this class before you deliver or four weeks before returning to work/school. If you are bringing baby along, please bring a support person with you so everyone will receive the full benefit of the class.

Requirements: You must have completed "Breastfeeding Your Baby: The Basics" class or have breastfed before.

Please bring to class:
"Gift of Motherhood" book, (if received from previous prenatal class, otherwise will be provided)
Snack and beverage (if you choose) or Cafeteria is open 7 days a week from 6:30 am to 7:00 pm.

Inclement Weather Cancellations: Classes may be cancelled due to severe inclement weather or unsafe travel conditions. Cancellations will be announced on TMJ4 Television and radio station or call the Women's and Children's Care Center  at 262-329-4700.

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