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Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement

Feldenkrais Method-Awareness Through Movement is a form of exercise that can help you become aware of and correct poor physical habits that are putting strain on your joints and muscles.

It uses guided movement, imagery, and directed attention to learn new ways of using your body that are less damaging.

The Feldenkrais Method can benefit anyone, no matter what your age or physical condition, to feel better, move better, and enjoy life more.

Additional benefits include:

• Increased flexibility, coordination, and balance
• Reduction or elimination of discomfort or pain
• Decreased tension and fatigue
• Improved posture

Instructor, Eleanor Nowacki, is an Aurora Health Care Physical Therapist and certified Feldenkrais Practitioner. Eleanor has been teaching Feldenkrais classes since 2000.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. Please bring a mat and any items you may need to support yourself for comfort in a lying position, ie, pillow, towels, etc.

Cost is $10.00 per class. For maximum benefit, class participants are encouraged to attend all classes in the session. However, it is not mandatory and attendance can be on a class by class basis.


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