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Ventilator Certification Class 2013

Ventilator Certification Classes 2013

This class is offered to healthcare providers participating in the State of Wisconsin, Independent Nurse Practitioner, Respiratory Service Program, or RN and LPN employed by a Long-Term Ventilator Unit. This class is not appropriate for the general public.

Upon completion of this 8-hour course, the participants will be able to meet minimum skill and knowledge requirements in order to obtain certification to provide adult home ventilator services. The participant must receive a minimum of 84% on a written exam provided during the course and complete a competency on the skill sets that are taught.

Course content:

Brief lecture presentations, competency check-offs, and a written exam on the following content will be addressed.

  1. Pulmonary Assessment
  2. Physiologic concepts of normal ventilation and mechanical ventilation
  3. Airway management and alarm troubleshooting
  4. Ventilator management and alarm troubleshooting
  5. Home equipment/oxygen therapy management

Credit card is the preferred method of payment.  Credit card payments must be made online when registering for the class.

Cash payments may be made the day of the class.  Cash payments must be approved by the Education Coordinator by the 15th of the month prior to the class to reserve your space on the class roster.

If paying by check please write check out to Respiratory Care Services for $175. Checks must be received by the 15th of the month prior to the class to reserve your space on the class roster.

If arrangements for payment have not been approved by the Education Coordinator prior to the 15th of the month prior to the  class; you may lose your space on the class roster.

Mail payment to:

Jenny Berg

Respiratory Therapy
c/o St. Luke's Medical Center
PO Box 2901
2900 West Oklahoma Avenue
Milwaukee, WI  53215

To register chose the appropriate date and click the BLUE header above that date and follow the online directions.

You will receive a confirmation number immediately upon completion of your registration. Please print a copy of the class information for your records. Confirmations are no longer sent through the mail. Location of the class room is also listed on your registration form. This class is held in the Grede Board Room, in the basement of the health science building.  Follow the Grey Diamonds to the North Building.  Take the elevator to the basement and follow the signs.

CANCELLATION INFORMATION- Cancellations must be received and confirmed no later then 72 hours prior to class date otherwise fees will not be refunded.  Registrant has a ONE TIME option of applying the prepaid fee to a different ventilator class.  Fees are nonrefundable for "no show" registrants or day of class cancellations.  Exceptions will be approved by the Education Coordinator and Manager of Respiratory Services.

  The hospital cafeteria and deli are open and available during the provided breaks.

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