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Tour of the Birthing Center, 2012 Dates

Register mother only (coach/partner/family is included in registration).

Expectant parents and their families are encouraged to sign up for a personal tour of our beautifully designed labor, delivery and recovery rooms, postpartum unit and state-of-the-art newborn intensive care unit.These complimentary tours provide an opportunity to get comfortable with the environment where you will give birth and answer questions you may have about the hospital experience.

Tours are included with the Childbirth Preparation, Refresher Childbirth, and Big Kids and New Babies Classes.  For parents who have already experienced childbirth and would like an opportunity to learn what they can expect to be different with this birthing experience at Aurora Women's Pavilion, please consider participating in Another Time Around class/tour. http://www.aurorahealthcare.org/events/_hidden/search.asp?ID=7004

Due to high patient volume at times in the Labor and delivery suites, tours may be canceled. Please call 414-328-7525 one hour before your tour to confirm that the tour will still take place that day. If it has been canceled, please reschedule online or by calling 414-328-7788. Thank you.

Where to park: Park in the West parking structure or in the visitor's parking lot.

Tour location: Enter the Aurora Women's Pavilion entrance and check in at the information desk. Please arrive 10 minutes before start time of tour.

For questions call our Prenatal Education Department at 414-328-7788 or toll free 888-524-8555.

To view related classes, return to the search page and choose "childbirth and parenting" from under the category menu.

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