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Tour of The Birthing Center - Aurora Medical Center in Summit - 2013

Tour of The Birthing Center at Aurora Medical Center in Summit

Expectant parents and their families planning to deliver at Aurora Medical Center in Summit may tour the Birthing Center (The Birthing Center is the area where the mother will labor, deliver, recover, and spend the postpartum period). This is a complimentary tour and provides an opportunity to get comfortable with the hospital environment and to be able to ask questions you may have about the experience. This tour is held on a weeknight starting at 6 P.M in our hospital's main lobby. Tours will last about 20 min and generally take place the first Monday, and third Wednesday of each month. No fee for tour. Please register mother only with additional participants added in the notes/comments section.

Note: Tours are included in the Preparing for Labor and Newborn Care Series, Accelerated, and Refresher classes, and also with the Big Kids and New Babies Class. You do not need to regiser separately for a tour if you have enrolled in one of these classes.

For questions please call Childbirth Education at 262-434-2229 (baby). We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule tours. Tours may be cancelled due to inclement weather or unsafe travel conditions. Cancellations may be confirmed by calling the hospital operator at 262-434-1000, or checking with TMJ-4.

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