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Preparing for Labor and Birth, 2013 - Kenosha

Register mother only (coach/partner is included in registration/fee).

Classes includes education on emotional aspects of pregnancy, labor techniques, support/comfort system development, warning signs during pregnancy, medications, anesthetics, variations of labor/delivery, inductions, cesarean sections, practicing relaxation/breathing techniques, a tour of the birthing facility and much more.  Three week series.  Three 2- hour classes held one day a week for three consecutive weeks.

It is recommended that this childbirth education class be completed four to six weeks before your due date. You are also encouraged to register for these classes: Breastfeeding Basicis and Baby Care Class.

A tour of the birthing center will be included.

For questions call Aurora Community Education at (800) 499-5736.  Bring to each class the Great Expectations booklet (given to you by your physician) two bed pillows and a small throw blanket.  Also include in your registration, the name of your physician, your due date, where you are delivering and the name of the person attending class with you (in the special notes box below).

Payment information:  Please make checks payable to Aurora Health Care and mail to:  Aurora Wellness Center, 300 McCanna Pkwy., Burlington, WI  53105.  Attention Education. 

Classes will be held in Classroom E & F at Aurora Medical Center Kenosha (hospital enterance)

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