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Preparing For Labor, and Newborn Care - Accelerated: 2013

Preparing for Labor, and Newborn Care - accelerated series

This class is intended for those with time constraints or work schedule conflicts.  It is a condensed version of the 3-week series.  The same topics are covered, in less detail.  Register mother only (coach/partner is included in registration/fee). Include in the notes section of your registration: physician name, due date, and hospital of delivery if not Aurora Summit.

Labor and Birth Topics

- Discuss Stages of Labor and coach's role through each stage

- Practice relaxation and breathing techniques to assist and better understand the experience of labor and birth

- Identification and explanation of warning signs and when to call your Physician. Preterm labor and high risk pregnancy is also discussed

- Medical interventions that may be used during labor

- Pain relief options available (including epidurals)

- Discuss unexpected outcomes including labor induction, and C-Section deliveries

- What to pack for the trip to the hospital; process of hospital admission

- What to expect in the hospital following the birth of your baby.

**A tour of the labor and delivery unit is included.

Newborn Care Topics:

Normal Newborn Characteristics
Feeding Cues
Well and Sick Baby Care
Newborn safety
Hands On Demonstrations
Calming your baby
Childcare and community resources available

Pre-payment required. Register and pay online now with a credit/debit card to reserve your place in class. If you choose to pay by check or cash please contact Childbirth Education at (262)434-2229.
We reserve the right to cancel or rescedule classes. Classes may be cancelled due to inclement weather or unsafe travel conditions. Cancellations confirmation can be made by calling the hospital operator at 262-434-1000, or through TMJ-4.



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