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DELETED EVENT: Stepping On Building confidence, reducing falls

Stepping On is a program that has been researched and proven to reduce falls in older people. It consists of a workshop that meets for two hours a week for seven weeks. Workshops are led by a health professional and a peer leader. In addition, local guest experts provide information on exercise, vision,safety, and medications.

Topics include: Simple and fun balance and strength training, The role vision plays in keeping your balance, How medications can contribute to falls, Ways to keep from falling when out in your community, What to look for in safe footwear, How to eliminate falls hazards from your falls

You may qualify for Stepping On if you meet any of the following criteria: 65 or older OR have had a fall in the past year OR are fearful of falling. You must also NOT live in a nursing home, NOT have dementia, and NOT use a walker, wheelchair or scooter in the home setting. If you do not meet these criteria please contact us at 306-306-6100 as there are other options available to reduce your risk of falls.

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