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Pelvic Health and Awareness Series

The Pelvic Health and Awareness Series:

Develop greater awareness and control of your pelvic floor muscles.


The Pelvic Health and Awareness series will help you discover the full use of your pelvic floor and it’s important relationship to the back, hip, and core muscles.  The classes, based on Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement, combine easy full body movements, breathing, and imagery to facilitate the functional use of these deep muscles.


The pelvic floor muscles help support the internal organs. It is not only important to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, but also to learn how to relax these muscles.  Developing the full use of the pelvic floor can help reverse some of the effects of aging, abdominal surgeries, hip replacements, hormonal changes or childbirth, prostate surgery or enlargement.  The exercises can help with bladder control, constipation, back/pelvic/hip pain, balance, and sexuality.


The series is based on research evidence supporting the relationship of the pelvic floor muscles to breathing, the abdominal muscles, spine, and hips. The series is appropriate for women and men of any age.  Class size is limited to a small group.


Instructor, Eleanor Nowacki, is an Aurora Health Care Physical Therapist and certified Feldenkrais Practitioner.

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