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Impact on the Grafton community

  • With 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week operations, the medical industry is the second-largest user of energy in the United States and one of the largest generators of waste.
  • By taking up green practices, whether incrementally or from the ground up, many hospitals are managing to lower energy bills, reduce waste and achieve healthier indoor air.
  • Green hospitals make good sense for the health of the entire community: patients, staff and visitors. Recognizing that the health of the individual, the community and the earth are inextricably linked, hospitals are rising to the challenge of creating truly healthy environments.

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What kind of impact does a 'green' hospital have on its patients? Green health care design does promote a more healing environment through more natural daylight, outdoor views, landscaping, improved ventilation, better indoor air quality, efficient lighting, low-impact materials and furnishings, and a more relaxed atmosphere.

Many health care organizations are starting to truly understand the long term financial impact of going green. Besides the numerous environmental and health benefits, the combination of affordable new green products, green grants and tax credits, and potential for huge financial savings are driving this change.

Aurora Health Care is proud to offer a green healing environment in Aurora Medical Center in Grafton, benefitting our patients, the community and the environment.