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Physicians who practice at this facility

The health care professionals on this site practice at an Aurora facility but are not necessarily part of your health plan's network of providers. To confirm coverage please contact your insurance company.

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Audiology | Certified Registered Nurse Anes. | Chiropractic | Emergency Medicine | Family Medicine | Gastroenterology | Internal Medicine | Nurse Practitioner | Obstetrics & Gynecology | Pediatrics | Physician Assistant | Podiatry | Surgery: Oral & Maxillofacial | Surgery: Orthopedics


Federman, Andrea L. AuD
Grzeca, Jessica D. AuD

Certified Registered Nurse Anes.

Antonissen, Jeffery P. CRNA
Bentley, Dwight David CRNA
Bentley, Kari E. CRNA
Duffy, Angela N. CRNA
Fischer, Timothy S. CRNA
Hockers-Willems, Theresa Marie CRNA
Jerdee, Jeremy J. CRNA
Klein, Brooke Lee CRNA
Lyons, Michelle L. CRNA
Mathias, Angela L. CRNA
Neta, Nyle C. CRNA
Oleck, Mark Richard CRNA
Pierson, Edward B. CRNA
Rogers, Patrick E. CRNA
Smith, Brian Patrick CRNA
Spurlock, Patricia A. CRNA
Zasuly, Christine M. CRNA


Jacobson, Martin A. DC

Emergency Medicine

Feldmann, Sarah C. DO

Family Medicine

Magnin, Julie A. MD
Vaishnav, Dhwani A. MD
Zaremski, Kenneth A. DO


Cristescu, Bogdan MD
Manthey, Mitchell W. MD

Internal Medicine

Heezen, Nicholas J. DO
Minca, Violeta MD
Sze, David B. MD

Nurse Practitioner

Mehlberg, Molly E. NP
Steward, Kathleen G. NP

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dobbins, Brian D. MD
Gallagher, Thomas J. MD
Pardini, Pamela J. MD
Winburn, Kimberly A. MD


Alexander, Andrew Kyle MD
Pacurar, Ines Camelia MD

Physician Assistant

Barney, Rachel M. PA-C
Cherne, Kelly Marie PA-C
Schmidt, Laura Jean PA-C
Senn, Kyle J. PA-C


DeNamur, Chad D. DPM

Surgery: Oral & Maxillofacial

Anderson, Courtney A. DDS
Schuh, Michael J. DDS
Welsh, Gregory W. DDS
Zent, Steve A. DDS, MD

Surgery: Orthopedics

Schock, Harold J. MD
Sodhi, Jagdeep S. MD