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Physicians who practice at this facility

The health care professionals on this site practice at an Aurora facility but are not necessarily part of your health plan's network of providers. To confirm coverage please contact your insurance company.

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Allergy & Immunology | Audiology | Behavioral/Mental Health Provider | Cardiovascular Disease | Endocrinology,Diabetes & Metabolism | Maternal & Fetal Medicine | Nurse Practitioner | Obstetrics & Gynecology | Oncology/Hematology | Oncology: Medical | Ophthalmology | Optometry | Otolaryngology: Head & Neck Surgery | Pediatrics | Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation | Physician Assistant | Psychiatry: Child & Adolescent | Pulmonary Disease | Radiation Oncology | Surgery: General | Surgery: Neurosurgery | Urology

Allergy & Immunology

Vaishnav, Abhilash R. MD


Hable, Amy M. AuD

Behavioral/Mental Health Provider

Litersky, Monique M. LCSW
Schmidt, John R. LCSW

Cardiovascular Disease

Mathias, David W. MD
Mortada, Mohammad E. MD
Rahman, Mohamed S. MD
Rayel, Ramon Ray G. MD
Schmidt, Matthew A. MD
Weslow, Scott T. MD
Witmer, William T. MD
Wolf, Francis G. MD

Endocrinology,Diabetes & Metabolism

Leigh, Cynthia C. MD

Maternal & Fetal Medicine

Hayes, Edward J. MD

Nurse Practitioner

Boucher, Jamey Michael NP
Linton, Suzanne M. NP
McDole, Jennifer Lynn NP
Smith, Melissa Anne NP

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Garvin-Cress, Jennifer A. MD
Lambert, Hye Chong L. MD
Voskuil, Scott W. MD
Winga, Betsy M. MD


Barylak, Edward J. MD
Davis, Nancy B. MD
Yetter, Andrew W. MD

Oncology: Medical

Davis, Nancy B. MD
Saphner, Thomas J. MD


Feder, Joseph M. MD


Hansen, James W. OD

Otolaryngology: Head & Neck Surgery

Rapisarda, Douglas E. MD


Baumgardt, M Anne MD
Chiu, Michal MD

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Chen, Xinqian MD

Physician Assistant

Dombrowski, Alyssa M. PA-C
Harrig, Adam C. PA-C
Jacobs, Amanda Jo PA-C
Kellermann, Kelsy B. PA-C
Linger, Nicole L. PA-C
Raguse, Brian R. PA-C
Schultz, Alyssa S. PA-C
Smullen, Stephanie Runke PA-C

Psychiatry: Child & Adolescent

Arnold, Judith MD

Pulmonary Disease

Mendoza-Ayala, Raul MD

Radiation Oncology

Hsie, Michael Y. MD
Rohde, David C. MD

Surgery: General

Johnson, Rebecca Jean MD
Morgan, William R. MD

Surgery: Neurosurgery

Baek, Paul N. MD
Gardon, Mark A. MD


Dougherty, William S. MD
Nguyen, Vannhu MD