Ear, Nose & Throat Doctors

Highly Skilled Ear, Nose and Throat Doctors in Waukesha County

Meet our board-certified ENT doctors who chose this interesting and complex specialty because it combines both primary care with surgical treatments and involves caring for entire families. Aurora Summit ear, nose and throat doctors treat patients of all ages to help you breathe, swallow, speak and sleep—taking a patient-centered and holistic approach to your care with a cure as the ultimate goal and but also helping you live more comfortably and happily.

Aurora ENT specialists offer many advanced treatments for ENT disorders that are innovative, noninvasive for faster recovery times and available only by a very small number of highly skilled ear, nose and throat specialists in Wisconsin and the United States.

Meet Our ENT Doctors

Mark Flick, DO

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Specializes in otolaryngology, head and neck surgery with a special interest in BAHA surgery for implantable hearing aids to treat conductive hearing loss (nerve loss) where traditional hearing aids do not help. Dr. Flick also loves working with pediatric patients and enjoys treating patients with general conditions of the ear, nose and throat. Conditions include: sinusitis, tonsillitis, ear infections, voice disorders, esophageal reflux disease, vertigo, hearing loss, thyroid tumors and obstructive sleep apnea.

He also offers surgical expertise by performing ear surgery, endoscopic sinus surgery, nasal polypectomy, repair of facial fractures, rhinoplasty and laryngeal surgery (surgery of the voice box and vocal cords), among many other surgical procedures he offers patients in Summit.

Christopher Garvey, MD

Specializes in leading-edge surgical treatments like a minimally invasive surgery technique for thyroid/parathyroid disease, skull base processes and transoral laser microsurgery with robotics for head and neck malignancies (first in Milwaukee area to offer this surgical technique), vocal cord lesions and swallowing disorders. In addition, he enjoys treating challenging head and neck cancers, nasal/sinus surgery, sleep apnea, plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Garvey has a special interest in head and neck cancers, nasal/sinus surgery, sleep apnea, plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Heather Murphy, MD
Specializes in pediatrics offering pediatric otology and pediatric otolaryngology, Dr. Murphy has a passion for treating children. In addition, she treats adenotonsillar enlargement, infections and ear disease, thyroid surgery, voice disorders and surgery for chronic sinusitis and tearing. Dr. Murphy also offers Botox injections for wrinkling and facial lines and for medical purposes such as facial spasm.