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Expert Ear, Nose and Throat Care in Waukesha County

Did you know that half of all physician office visits concern issues surrounding your ear, nose and throat care? Breathing, speaking and eatingall vital life functionstake place in the confined space of your head and neck. That's why it's so important to keep all these life functions working properly and in harmony.

Wilkinson ENT PhysiciansMeet the doctors

Mark Flick, D.O.
Christopher Garvey, M.D.
Heather Murphy, M.D.
Janice Beaton, M.AuD.
Sheila Chamberlin, M. AuD.
Jordyce Natzke, M.S./C.C.C.

ENT Program

Fortunately for you, our ENT care specialistsor otolaryngologistsat Aurora Health Care in Summit offer you their unique expertise to diagnose and treat conditions in this complex part of your body so you may live a higher quality of life. And, our ENT medicine treats all ages, including ENT care for kids and the elderly, both medically and surgically to help you feel more comfortable.

The ENT medicine specialists at Aurora work as a team for your health, coordinating care in tandem with many other specialists who may be involved in your care. With offices in the same building, it's easy for you to see all your specialists in one convenient setting.

You also may be surprised that our ENT doctors treat all areas of your head and neck region except your eyes and brainhelping you to overcome a vast variety of issues that impact our daily lives. These ENT conditions and procedures include:

  • Chronic ear infections
  • Sinus disease
  • Dizziness
  • Plastic surgeries
  • Head and neck cancers
  • Reconstructive surgeries due to trauma

ENT care from Aurora offers the most advanced treatments using the latest technology for diagnosis and treatmentincluding exclusive minimally invasive surgeries utilizing lasers and roboticsto treat your ear, nose and throat conditions, ease your pain and help you breathe and sleep. The ultimate goal is to help you realize a higher quality of life.

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