Aurora still on track in town of Summit

Waukesha Freeman

Aurora still on track in town of Summit

Plan commissioners toured facility last week

Waukesha Freeman, May 27, 2009

Freeman Staff

TOWN OF SUMMIT - The new Aurora Medical Center is roughly 85 percent complete and counting down to its opening, but you wouldn't know it from the rumors circulating.

Aurora Health Care spokesman Peter Balistrieri said rumors claiming Aurora had run out of money and did not intend to finish the project are just that – rumors. He said the facility is still on track to open in early 2010.

"Nothing could be further from the truth," Balistrieri said of the rumors. "I cannot stress enough that both projects are on schedule and will be completed."

He said a similar rumor had sprung up in Grafton, where Aurora plans to wrap up the construction of a medical center in fall 2010.

Town of Summit Plan Commission members toured the site Thursday to check the progress of the construction and see for themselves if the rumors were true.

"You hear rumors it's shut down and nobody's working there, but the parking lot is filled with cars every day," Town Chairman Len Susa said. "We just wanted to see what was going on and if they were still working there or not, and they are. They've outdone themselves. The quality is above and beyond."

Susa said eight or nine plan commission and town board members toured the facility, and the reaction was very positive. Susa said he was impressed with the multiple entrances, which he said break up the parking lot.

The exterior of the facility appears finished, but Balistrieri said there is still some work to be done before it is complete. Landscaping is also in progress outside the hospital. Inside the building, crews are taking on tiling, carpeting, electrical wiring and much more.

"There is a lot to be done," Balistrieri said. "Getting the hospital online is quite a feat in itself." Balistrieri said the hospital hopes to have another ceremony sometime soon celebrating the progress of the construction. In the meantime, he said, anticipation is growing as the completion date nears.

"We're already looking at art for the walls," Balistrieri said. "We're definitely on the latter part of the race here, so it's exciting."

Located at the southeast corner of Interstate 94 and Highway 67, Aurora Medical Center will feature 110 beds and a full range of hospital services.


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