Doctors at Aurora Health Center

Check with your insurance plan to verify if a selected doctor, specialist or physician is in your network or view Aurora's list of participating insurance providers. If you need assistance finding a doctor, please call 888-863-5502. Individuals in the Aurora Direct Network (ADN) health plan can also access the provider directory.

Doctor Name Sort Specialty Sort
Barylak, Edward - MD Oncology/Hematology
Baumgardt, M - MD Pediatrics
Borman, Jesse - MD Radiology
Boucher, Jamey - NP Nurse Practitioner
Chiu, Michal - MD Pediatrics
Feder, Joseph - MD Ophthalmology
Gapinski, James - MD Internal Medicine, Sleep Medicine
Garvin-Cress, Jennifer - MD Obstetrics & Gynecology
Hable, Amy - AuD Audiology
Hansen, James - OD Optometry
Hayes, Edward - MD Maternal & Fetal Medicine
Johnson, Rebecca - MD Surgery: General
Lambert, Hye Chong - MD Obstetrics & Gynecology
McDole, Jennifer - NP Nurse Practitioner
Mendoza-Ayala, Raul - MD Critical Care Medicine, Pulmonary Disease
Mihalakakos, Paul - MD Anesthesiology
Morgan, William - MD Surgery: General
Mortada, Mohammad - MD Cardiovascular Disease, Electrophysiology
Rahman, Mohamed - MD Cardiovascular Disease, Electrophysiology
Rapisarda, Douglas - MD Otolaryngology: Head & Neck Surgery