Doctors at Aurora Health Center

Check with your insurance plan to verify if a selected doctor, specialist or physician is in your network or view Aurora's list of participating insurance providers. If you need assistance finding a doctor, please call 888-863-5502. Individuals in the Aurora Direct Network (ADN) health plan can also access the provider directory.

Doctor Name Sort Specialty Sort
Abejuela-Matt, Vanessa - DO Family Medicine
Barnhardt, Todd - MD Surgery: Orthopedics
Benedict, Pamela - AuD Audiology
Brockman, Lenora - MD Obstetrics & Gynecology
Cataldi, Christopher - MD Walk-In Urgent Care
Chowdhury, Naweed - MD Family Medicine
Elbert, William - MD Family Medicine
Ignasiak, Lisa - NP Nurse Practitioner
Keim, DeAnne - DPM Podiatry
Kenzer, Steven - DO Rheumatology
Kumar, Pradeep - MD Pediatrics
Lebak, Nathan - MD Allergy & Immunology
Lescher, Rebecca - MD Pediatrics
Liu, Terry - MD Otolaryngology: Head & Neck Surgery
Lo, Jennifer - MD Family Medicine
Manne, Sridevi - MD Walk-In Urgent Care
Mehl, Stephanie - DO Family Medicine
Park, Anthony - MD Obstetrics & Gynecology
Patterson, Jennifer - AuD Audiology
Pothen, Mathew - MD Family Medicine