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Fit Kids... Fit Families is a multidisciplinary program focused on the prevention and treatment of childhood weight concerns. Aurora’s program brings together families, the YMCA, schools, public health officials and the American Diabetes Association. The goals are to:

  • Improve children's nutritional status
  • Enhance children's self esteem
  • Increase children's activity level
  • Create life-long health habits

Linda Walter
Director of Washington County Health Department

“The 12-week program helps improve nutrition, self-esteem and exercise habits. It's a tremendous way to help the entire family. Fit Kids, Fit Families emphasizes family lifestyle changes by requiring an adult to attend sessions with each child.

“If something isn't done to address obesity, we'll see greater numbers of people with more complex and costly health issues. Fit Kids, Fit Families shows you can make an impact on this issue. It's going to take all of us to beat obesity. Aurora's willingness to help establish this model program has brought us a long way toward achieving our goal.”

Who Teaches the Program?

Our program is taught by professionals including registered nurses, registered dieticians, exercise specialists and professional counselors. In addition, a pediatrician, family practitioner and nurse practitioner provide council.

How is the Program Structured?

Fit Kids... Fit Families consists of group meetings held one night weekly for 12 consecutive weeks. Ten to 12 children will be accepted into each session. One adult family member is required to attend each meeting with the child. The group setting is a safe and fun learning environment that allows positive interaction among the children and their family members.

Who Joins Fit Kids... Fit Families?

Our program is designed for children between 6 and 17 years old. It is intended for children and their families who have weight concerns and are motivated to make lifestyle changes that will result in overall wellness.

Why Does a Family Member Attend?

Change is very hard to accomplish. Even the most motivated person needs help. This is especially true of children. The program is designed to be interactive and the teaching materials are directed to both parent and child. Our hope is that the whole family will support the child by making positive changes in day-to-day activities. In this way, the child is able to stay on track and accomplish his/her goals, and the whole family benefits.

What Happens If We Miss a Session?

Families are strongly encouraged to attend all sessions, as there are no make-up dates. Is my child going to be put on a diet? Fit Kids... Fit Families is not about dieting. Dieting means short-term changes in food intake to decrease weight. This often is unhealthy and unrealistic. Each child will have an individual meal plan designed for his or her specific intake needs.

What Kind of Exercise Is Involved?

The fitness portion of our program is presented in a fun, non-pressured way. The goal is not only to have the child increase physical activity, but to enjoy it. We will help all participants try new activities and encourage them to interact with the group. Adult family members are also asked to join in on certain activities.

Is the Program Safe?

Yes, no restricted diets or extreme fitness regimens will be used. To ensure the children's safety, before admission into the program, there will be a medical release required to be filled out by the family physician.

Is There a Cost?

Yes, but we are committed to keeping our costs as low as possible. Please call for more information.

How Is the Program Funded?

Fit Kids... Fit Families is made possible through a grant provided by the University of Wisconsin Medical School from the Wisconsin Partnership Fund for a Healthy Future.

Contact Fit Kids… Fit Families

If interested, Washington County residents should call Patient Care Services at 262-670-7281. Waukesha County residents should call Fit Kids... Fit Families of Waukesha County at 262-896-6262.

Please leave your name, phone number and the best time you can be reached. We will then contact you to schedule an in-person interview with you and your child.

The highest consideration will be given to the child and parent(s) expressing interest and commitment to participating and making healthy changes.