Aurora Psychiatric Hospital

  • 1220 Dewey Ave
    Wauwatosa, WI 53213

    Phone: 414-454-6600 • Fax: 414-454-6656
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  • Hours of Operation:
    24 hours/day, 7 days a week.Individual departments vary.
Year Milestone
1914 Milwaukee Sanitarium is founded as a private, for profit facility in Wauwatosa, Wisconsinphoto
1884 Dr. James McBride is appointed as the first medical superintendentphoto
1884-1895 Dr. McBride expands the hospital in acreage and buildings to accommodate 35-40 patients
1895 Dr. McBride retires
1895 Dr. Richard Dewey is appointed the second medical superintendant
1895-1919 Dr. Dewey revolutionized mental health care via his introduction of the "cottage system"photo
1895-1919 Dr. Dewey inaugurates a program for the training of attendants
1895-1919 Hospital expands to 52 patients and four additional buildingsphoto
1895-1919 Dr. Dewey used hydrotherapeutic and vibratory therapies
1905-1965 Dr. William T. Kradwell serves as an assistant physician and an agent for change
1919 Dr. Dewey retires
1919 The Milwaukee Sanitarium changes business models and splits the superintendant's duties
1919-1942 Dr. Rock Sleyster appointed medical director and president of the hospital
1919-1942 Mr. Gerhard Schroeder appointed hospital administrator
1919-1942 Treatment of patients shifted from custodial care to an expectation that they be cured
1919-1942 Common treatments under Dr. Sleyster: shock therapies (electro and insulin shock), sleep therapy, tincture of opium, and malarial and typhoid therapies to produce fevers
1919-1952 Under Mr. Schroeder's leadership, the hospital expaneded in size to 32 acres and 152 beds
1932-1975 Dr. Carroll W. Osgood was a physician, associated medical director (1942-1955), acting medical director (1955-1958) and a bridge from the "old" to the "new" styles of care
1942 Dr. Sleyster dies
1942-1952 Mr. Scroeder is president of the hospital
1942-1982 Eight medical directors at the hospital, a period of change from the "old" to the "new" occurs
1952 Mr. Schroeder dies
1952-1953 Ms. Sophie Yoerg (Schroeder) serves as president of the hospital following the death of her husband
1953-1974 Ms. Schroeder serves as president of the Board of Directors for the hospital
1953-1962 Mr. Waldo W. Buss serves as executive director
1954 Milwaukee Sanitarium becomes a non-profit hospital, partially due to the efforts of Dr. Kradwell and Ms. Schroeder
1957 Outpatient clinic was established, which was a harbinger of the changes that were occurring in mental health care (less institutional care due to changes in insurance)
1940-1960 Common treatments: lithium, psychotropic medications, and various types of therapy (occupational, family and recreational) that got the patients involved in their treatments
1962-1972 Mr. Dean Roe serves as president of the hospital
1964 Milwaukee Sanitarium changes its name to the Milwaukee Psychiatric Hospital
1964 Kradwell School opens to help with the education of the adolescent
1972 Dewey Center establishedphoto
1974-1996 Mr. Gerald E. Schley is president of the hospital
1975 Current educational model of student-centered instruction begins at Kradwell School
1982 Groundbreaking for the new hospital
1982-1990 Dr. Arthur Norris appointed medical director
1984 100th anniversary of the hospital, Ms. Rosalind Carter was the featured speaker
1984 New hospital opens
1990-present Dr. Anthony Meyer appointed medical director, member of medical staff since 1976
1993 Milwaukee Psychiatric Hospital affiliates with Aurora Heath Care
1990-present Common treatments: partial hospitalization, intensive inpatient and outpatient treatments, day treatment and an increase in adolescent servicesphoto
2001-present Mr. Peter Carlson appointed vice president and chief administrative officer
2001 Milwaukee Psychiatric Hospital changes its name to the Aurora Psychiatric Hospitalphoto
2009 125th anniversary of the hospital
2010 Learning Gardens opened on the hospital grounds