Aurora Psychiatric Hospital

  • 1220 Dewey Ave
    Wauwatosa, WI 53213

    Phone: 414-454-6600 • Fax: 414-454-6656
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  • Hours of Operation:
    24 hours/day, 7 days a week.Individual departments vary.

The Intake Services Department at Aurora Psychiatric Hospital offers easy access to information regarding the hospital's clinical programs and admission procedures when admission into one of our programs is necessary. The staff is comprised of highly trained clinical professionals, skilled in matching the patient's needs with the appropriate resources, either in the hospital or in the community. Intake and Admission Services are available 24 hours per day.

Case management services are provided to those patients who need one of our hospital-based programs, such as day, residential or inpatient treatment. Along with the physician, RN case managers coordinate the patient's care during his or her stay in the program, ensuring the right care at the right time. The case managers also coordinate insurance/managed care telephone reviews; keeping the patient, physician and treatment team aware of insurance authorization status. The case manager is the focal point for information regarding the patient while they are in treatment.

To access information regarding hospital services or to discuss problems you are encountering in your life, please call 414-454-6777.

  • Information and referral 24 hours per day
  • Telephone triage assessment to quickly determine the appropriate next step, completed by trained clinical professional(s). Referrals made to appropriate providers inside or outside the hospital system based on insurance requirements and/or scope of problem
  • Psychiatrist phone consultation of each clinical assessment completed and recommendations as to the appropriate options for treatment
  • Insurance/Managed Care Authorization completed as necessary and appropriate
  • Case management services provided to patients admitted to clinical programs