Aurora Sinai Medical Center

  • 945 N 12th St
    Milwaukee, WI 53233

    Phone: 414-219-2000 • Fax: 414-219-7402
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  • Hours of Operation:
    24 hours/day, 7 days a week.Individual departments vary.

Aurora Sinai Medical Center, next to the Marquette campus and near the heart of downtown Milwaukee, is home to some of the region’s leading health programs:

We also offer:

Women’s Health Care:

We also are the home of the Masonic Diagnostic Center.

Financial Services

Cashier: Hospital bill payments can be made to the cashier, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Hospital bill: Your hospital bill will be submitted to your insurance company. Please keep in mind that you will receive separate bills from doctors who treat you while you are in the hospital. In some cases, you may receive bills from doctors who have been asked to review your test results, even though you did not see the doctor in person. Pathologists, radiologists, cardiologists and other specialists will bill you separately from your hospital bill.

Online payments are also available at My Aurora. If you have any questions about any bill, please call the number printed on your bill. 

Financial counseling: Financial counselors can help if you have concerns about how you will pay your hospital bill. They will answer questions about your bill and discuss payment options. If you do not have insurance, they will help you find out if you qualify for Medicaid for our Helping Hand Financial Program.

If you need help, please call the hospital and ask to speak with a financial counselor.

Nutrition Counseling

A Registered Dietitian can talk with you to answer questions and help you plan meals. This session requires a doctor's order. Please call for an appointment.

Diabetes and Nutrition Education Center: 414-219-7956

Patient Satisfaction Survey

After you are discharged, you may receive a written patient satisfaction survey. The intent of the survey is to allow you an opportunity to make comments or suggestions, or address any problems relating to your experience at Sinai. Your assistance in completing the survey is greatly appreciated, as we want to continually monitor and address possible area of improvement.

Patient Meals

While in the hospital, your doctor will prescribe a diet for you. If you have special diet restrictions or would like to receive kosher meals, please ask your nurse. At times, your meal may have to be changed, delayed, or canceled due to exams, tests or surgery.

Check with your nurse before eating or drinking any food items brought to you by visitors.

Skylight ACCESS Interactive Patient System

The system includes free cable stations, an on-demand health video library, healing music and guided imagery, and a comedy channel. There is also an optional pay-per-day entertainment package that can be purchased by patients or their families that provides access to movies on-demand, games, internet and e-mail.

Skylight also allows patients to request services directly through their TV, including food service, housekeeping, maintenance and others.