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When you join Aurora Health Care, you position yourself on the leading edge of a life-saving technological innovation. Every day at Aurora, physician-led teams are finding better ways to diagnose, treat, and follow-up with patients' health care needs. And, with our integrated approach to health care delivery, we make the most advanced technology available to every physician in our system. With access to the latest medical innovations, your patients are at the center of all that we do.

We are committed to being at the forefront of health care innovations, often bringing health care firsts to our patients. CyberKnife, the first device to enable full-body dynamic robotic radiosurgery, and robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery, are health care firsts brought to the people of Wisconsin by Aurora. Aurora Bay Care Medical Center recently became one of the first hospitals in Wisconsin to use a newly FDA approved medical device to open the narrowed coronary arteries in heart disease patients with diabetes.

Aurora eICU Care uses tele-medicine technology, including advanced video and electronic monitoring and early-warning software to connect off-site critical care specialists to ICU patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All-digital diagnostics, available in many of our hospitals and clinics, allows physicians in different locations to simultaneously see and share diagnostic images and information. This makes consult easier and faster for both physicians and patients and allows more accurate diagnoses.

In any health care system, technology is critical to successful patient care. But it's applying the right technology in the right ways that makes the difference at Aurora.

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Julia Hester-Diaz, M.D.
Aurora Two Rivers Clinic
Family Medicine Physician
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Thomas Derrig, M.D.
Aurora Wilkinson Medical Clinic
General Surgeon
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Linda Hotchkiss, M.D., PhD.
VP Academic Affairs & Chief of Aurora/UW Medical Group