Learn how a community of committed caregivers guided Steve's healing journey.


Marilynn Evers

Physical therapist

When all caregivers agree that the patient is safe and ready, Rehab Services begins to transition the patient towards outpatient therapy. As Marilynn Evers explains, having at-home support services can have a huge impact on improvement. "Steve was so fortunate to have Tracy available for him. She really helped him with his walking, mobility, memory and cognitive skills. He relied heavily on a cane at first, but now he's not even using it."

After making great strides during inpatient therapy, patients go through another level of evaluation. "At the first outpatient visit, we assess their strength, flexibility, balance, walking, and other personal functions. We ask, 'what will help the patient normalize in their own community?' We guide patients towards what's reasonable, based on our experience. There are always things that will be challenging or frustrating, but these are all pieces of the puzzle that we have to solve."

"I love my job, and I love Aurora," shared Marilynn. "I'm moved to tears sometimes by how hard people work, and how far they go. The patient drives 95% of their own recovery – we are just the other 5% helping them along."

"This can be a very overwhelming, life-changing event for everyone involved. But don't be afraid to ask questions of every caregiver. Knowledge really is power. Push yourself, work hard, and try not to be discouraged. Be patient – recovery can continue for years."

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