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Roseann Fasi

Speech pathology therapist

Roseann Fasi joined the speech therapy field because she loved to talk, and wanted to help others having difficulty. "There are so many things we take for granted," shared Roseann. "We all express how we're feeling, or what we want, or what concerns us. But what would you do if that ability was taken away, and you had no way to communicate?"

Roseann assists Aurora West Allis patients regain a number of communication and cognitive skills: speech, recognition, comprehension, expression, reasoning, reading, calculating math, writing, and problem solving. She also helps patients regain the ability to swallow following a stroke.

"They work so hard, not only during their appointments, but also at home. Suddenly, they can do what they couldn't do before. It's those precious moments when a patient can say their spouse's name again – and we all start crying – that inspire me."

"I can't stress enough. No matter how severe the circumstances might seem, you must focus on positives," advised Roseann. "Focus on what you can do, not what you can't do, and build from there."

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